Living the Dream...

My name is Lis Scott I am the owner/artist of L Dawning Scott Fine Art.

My journey in finding myself as an artist started when I was just a child. Ever since I can remember creating art was the only thing I ever LOVED to do! I grew up in an amazingly creative home. My mother is a gifted jeweler and sculptor and my father is a very talented woodworker and furniture designer. I was raised being taken from art show to art show. Being an artist was all I ever wanted and it was what I was born to do!

When I was younger I went thru many stages of interest in different art mediums. I liked to draw, sculpt, and help my mother with her jewelry business. It was not until I was in my early twenties that I truly realized that above all other arts painting was my true PASSION!

I started my art career painting murals and portraits but have now transitioned into abstract canvas pieces where I feel the artistic freedom to portray who I truly am as an artist. As an artist I paint by feeling until the painting is an expression of myself. I gather inspiration from the situations I experience and express them through my paintings.

When I paint I feel like I am engrossed in a world where creativity takes precedence. The way I paint is very spontaneous and instinctual. It involves a lot of movement and passion. I use my hands as well as a brush to create the flow that I want on a piece. I usually end up with paint from head to toe by the end of the day! My family and friends joke that they wouldn't recognize me if I wasn't covered in paint! Lol

On a personal note I have three beautiful healthy children and an incredible husband whom I love with everything I have. My children are all creative in their own ways. My two girls tend to have talent in drawing and painting and my son could stay occupied with a ball of clay all day long!

I have to say though that I am especially thankful for my loving husband who has made my success as an artist possible! He has always supported and believed in me and I wouldn't have the success I have today without him. Thank you sweetie....

Speaking of success.... Back to my art career! I am an internationally collected artist with paintings in corporate and private collections all across the globe. I am a true believer that what draws people to art is the passion you put into it. Thank you for your interest in my art and for seeing my passion! It is my clients that truly allow me to be living the dream.......

Lis Scott

L Dawning Scott Fine Art

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